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Still Life - Infinite Vanitas by Kevin Best, 2011. Digital art.
As you might imagine, I look at a lot of art. On a normal day, I usually reject about three pieces for every one I post. One of the problems I often have when posting to this blog revolves around this question: “Is it surreal?”, which is to say, does this piece fit in the aesthetics and philosophies of surrealism? Who’s to say? I’m not an expert by any means; I’m merely a fan.
I love still life art. I think nearly all of it is surreal. There’s something about the placement of objects that reminds me of the Comte de Lautréamont famous phrase: “As beautiful as the chance encounter of a sewing machine and an umbrella on an operating table.” However, I hold my self to a higher standard when selecting art for this blog. It needs to clearly fit within the aesthetics of surrealism.
So, I look at Kevin Best’s art and I am mystified. This looks like surrealism to me; but, why? It can’t just be the objects themselves. If it were, then any Cézanne would also be surrealism, which, at least to art scholars, is ludicrous. It’s not the mirrors; although, I do see a bit of Magritte’s influence there. So, I keep looking. And then, all at once I realize the aspect of this painting that is the easiest to overlook; but, is the feature fits it squarely within surrealism.
The bubbles.